What's the worst gift you've received from your partner?

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Had a partner once who was trying to impress me by getting a arabic word engraved on a bracelet (partner was of a different race), but the meaning was totally off. So while the bracelet itself was gorgeous, the word engraved actually meant something like 'smell flower' instead of the intended mash-up of the meaning of our names together. Ahh, the power of internet translations. They still don't know :)

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He knows I love Lip colors... so he decided to surprise me with a lip color... He did his bit by walking into a mall and trying out which one and finally got me a horrendous maroon.... I have kept it untouched in memory of his effort to buy me the gift but I guess I would wear it to threaten him that I would wipe it off with his sparkling white shirts :)

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I received a stone paperweight with my zodiac carved onto it from my ex boyfriend. It was just as useless as it sounds. Another useless gift was a rotating snow globe. Pretty, but impractical. My husband is more practical, but his gifts are all good. He wrote me letters in a notebook like a diary when we were dating long distance.

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Hahaha I received a paperweight that looks exactly like my favourite perfume. And it was not cheap, an expensive paperweight hahaha! I don't understand why he didn't just get me the real thing which would have been cheaper by the way.

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I received a hooded jacket that looked like its more for someone into hip hop. Worse it was not my size. It's still hanging in my wardrobe as we speak with the tag on.

I'm reluctant to mention anything because then the focus will be on the material thing/s and not the thought, and it should always be the other way around.

Probably a napkin that was folded into a rose. The thought was sweet but... Receiving a napkin was funny haha

A pair of slippers where the designs look very childish.. so I wear it at home instead outside..

pair of colorful trousers from thailand!!! I still dont know what was he thinking