Dear Wives, What's the best gift you've ever given to your Hubbies?

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My best gift I given is children.. Not only that.. Care, love, time also a must.. Whatever gift you give ur hubby ur hubby will like it even is just a box of chocolate..

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I have given my husband 4 adorable boys. I am also good at cooking and baking.... and everyone knows that the best way to a mans heart is through his tummy.

A trip to Comic Con in San Diego! He loves his comic books and fantasy characters so that surprise was much appreciated. Haha :)

Oh my... He's so lucky to have you. A ticket to the NBA Finals is, just... wow! Cavs fan here. Haha

My husband says e best gift I ever gave him is our son hes 15 and a half months old

Best gift will be two kids Lor! Haha! That's the best priceless gift lol

I remembered when I gave him a photo mosaic of ours. It made him cry

My love. Hahaha. Probably his favorite mountain bike :)

a homecook meal..thats the best as he loves to eat..

6y ago

appreciated and agreed Liana

Shouldn't you be asking the husbands here?