Intimacy time

With all the demands and stresses of (professional n outside-of-professional) life (be it working or not working mum or dad), how do u find the energy n mood for intimacy? How many times in a week/month are u intimate with ur partner?

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Super Mum

Heard of Jack Ma's 996 & 669 theory? In summary: a good worker (professional) muz b able to work 9am - 9pm 6 days a week. N a good spouse should b intimate 6x in 6 days and each time muz b long...


Keep the connection alive, don't neglect your relationship. Intimacy is more than just physical intimacy. Talk, go out, do fun stuff together even if it means scheduling time to do it.

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My only advice, you just gotta make a effort to maintain intimacy with your spouse

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No hard and fast rule really, just as and when and go with the flow(:

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Right mood at right timing. Once a week at least

When the mood is right

Super Mum

When the mood needs it

Go with the flows :)

Maybe twice a month

Super Mum

No definite time.