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grab voucher
How come i redeem the grab voucher. I copy and paste. It shows fully redeemed and invalid? Can anyone tell me
Same. I had written to grab and TAP had sent me an email. Can only wait for now
Never encounter this problem before. Try to feedback to TAP.
labrador park
Any idea if i can bring foldable tent at Labrador Park.
would like to know too
pending VIP
anyone can assist me on this. my Vip is currently pending almost coming a month. I send email/feedback to look into it. No one has gotten back to me. Thanks alots
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Jing, rewards are quite separate to being a VIP member. To know more about being a VIP member, please go to 'VIP member' under the main menu. If you fit those criteria, please do apply. Do note that
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Hi there! Thanks for applying to be a VIP member. This is a new feature that has been introduced and we are looking into the pending applications. You may have received an email to complete your prof
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I redeem my point but the item have not come yet too. What privilege does VIP has?
Mother & Daughter Clothings
Any suggestion wer 2 buy matching family clothings?? I need it by dizz weekends..
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Jump eat cry
Jump eat cry
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Hi... you can try marks and Spencer or Robinson
Sometimes evn H&M has few options like that. it is just that they are in different sections adults and kids
Dear Mum, You can also look for mother daughter pairs at Zalora :)
Friso 4
Hi there. May i know you review for Friso 4?? Any parent gives Friso 1 to Friso 4? My daughter has been trying Friso from Birth. And soon she will be drinking Stage 4. Just want to know the feedback
feel its good! if she has been drinking it since birth, should continue. mine continued till he was 7 yrs old and is now on Fresh Milk
Hi,2 of my kids drink Friso from birth till now stage far they like it. Tried other brand but they don't like the taste
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There was a recent poll conducted and the results were 9 out of 10 mums recommends Friso. You can go to their website to request for samples. Happy Sampling
Any recommendation/suggestion healthier tibits or snacks for 3 year old toddler. My lo school just inform that it has to be healthier choice of snacks/tibits. Only thing i know is raisins, mix nuts.
Mini Oreos & a packet of milk
I actually chanced upon these healthy Fruit Chips which kids absolutely love to snack on. It's 100% fruit but crunchy? I suggest you give them a try. Favourite is the longan and mango!
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Do you bake? Can make some cookies 🍪 😊
toothbrush and toothpaste set?!
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raisins or some dryfruits for kids .. Hard choice
Fruits For 3 Year Old
May i know what kind and how do you prepare a fruit for you lo to bring to school. My daughter only loves banana and apple. How do you prepare it and pack? Any suggestions? Thanks alot.
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apple do soak with lemon water/ salt water to prevent yellowing. banana just need to teach her how to peel, it should be quite easy to learn as she likes to eat it. haha
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Have you tried giving honeydew , grapes, ?
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How about Kiwi?
Vitamins For 3 Year Old
Hello there. May i know what vitamins you give your lo? My daughter dont like gummies stuff. Any recommendation. Thanks alot.
Immunped and sambucol
This is very good.. my son who hates drinking vitamin loves this... 😊😊 it's Apple flavour
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Birthday Theme For Girl
Any suggestions type of Birthday Theme for 3 year old?? Just informed by the school that door gifts has to be stationary items?? Her classmates there are more boys then girl. Will be good if can ge
I think gender neutral ones can be like Safari. You can even make it educational and the stationaries and other party needs with the same theme is easy to find.
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Don't really need a "theme" if you don't want to, especially if it's a school celebration - just a simple cake will do! If you really want characters/cartoon, have it on the cake but a cake below 1kg
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Watches? Coloring mats
Mickey and friends?? Or Winnie the Pooh? Or Sesame Street.
Tsum tsum theme?
Stage 4 Milk
my dau is turning 3 yrs old in feb 2019. At this moment she is drinking stage 3 milk. May i know when can i start giving her Stage 4?? Before she turns 3 yrs old or it has to be exactly 3 years old. I
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U can give from the baby crossing 3 onwards .. u may can start fresh milk as well as the baby eating solids well means
I think she’s old enough to drink cows milk. Why are you still sticking with formula ?
u can check d label indicate on it...
At this age, you can switch to cow milk. However, if you want to give a formula, a few weeks before she turns 3 should be fine