How do u prepare baby alphabet pasta when u need to put the cooked pasta in a thermal flask first n feed later when u are outside? If cook pasta with soup, pasta will be very soggy n too soft..

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I do the same as Jorelle, storing the pasta and soup separately! Usually the pasta will absorb all the soup so by the time it's time to eat then ... no more soup 😅 You can add some olive oil, or just pour it into the soup after and it'll declump on its own!

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another method is, cook the pasta till al dente(not too soft,still a little hard) then store in the thermal flask with soup. By the time for lunch,it shldbe just nice!

4y ago

Ok! This is a gd idea!

i will cook it first with water. Then i will use those two tier thermal pot. one container for the cooked pasta with no soup, second tier will be soup.

4y ago

I used extra VCO to keep the pasta form clump and stick together.

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pasta boil with olive oil ir sunflower. Remove n keep in container. uaually i separate the soup and pasta . soup i put in thermal flask.

put some olive oil when boiling the pasta so that it won't stick. for me if I'm headed out i wont cook soup too troublesome.

Just nice that you asked this question. I also wanted to know!

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I usually separate them if need to bring them out!