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Anyone been to desaru before? Is it kids friendly? My daughter is 19 mo
Yes. Lots of farms. They enjoyed it just that the weather is very hot!
Yes. There are lots of kid friendly resort as well as kid friendly activities
Yes it’s fine
Toddler meals overseas
How do u prepare toddler meals overseas? My daughter is 19m old and only likes to eat fish soup that I prepare for her
From 15 months onwards I let my LO eat adult food, when travelling just get some rice, veg and meat for her to eat, most of the time, we(whole family) eat the same food that our LO can eat. Otherwis
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If you’re traveling, it’s going to be difficult to prepare your LO favorite food. Start to introduce other food to your daughter so that she will be willing to try new food
Posted this qn previously Maybe I should rephrase my qn If your maid doesn’t need to take care of babies at night and rest from 10pm to 630am, (most of the time she rest at 9 plus), do u allow her to
I won't... Since she is getting enough rest at night already.
If she finishes her chores and baby is sleeping too then maybe
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Work 1st rest next .. if she finishes all the chores what needed in time then let her go for rest ..
If its me, i wont give her nap time. Cos she shld be fully rested with 10pm to 630am. Thats also the time i rest and wake up to work, my employer also no give nap time what. Alternatively, being a go
If daily she been working 12.5hours / 11.5hours I wont mind that she taking a short break/nap as long all the task that i given is done...
Milk intake
My daughter is 18 months old now Can I just check at around this age, what time if your kid’s last feed? And what time they wake up for morning feed
Last feed before bedtime around 8-8.30pm. First feed in the morning when she wakes up after brushing teeth, around 8.30am
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Hi... last feed before bed around 8pm and first feed around 6am
Does your maid take afternoon nap? Do u allow?
As long as she has completed her tasks in the day, I don't mind her resting in between. I mean, we do take breaks now and then.
Depends what time she wake up and start doing housework. If 6am I will allow 1hr nap to 1hr 30min. I myself work up at 6am sometimes 11.30 - 1 pm keep yawning at work. I try to use my lunch time nap 3
Why not?
They all took advantage and slept so long or was on the phone. No answers to our calls for help. After the 4th one, we didn't allow anymore
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Can I give my 18month old kaya
I do give abit for him to try
A little is ok.
Yes can give but a little only.
Breakfast ideas
Any breakfast ideas for 18 month old
Fruits galore
Diaper rashes cream
At what age can I stop using diaper rashes cream?
I stopped using diaper rash cream only when my son stopped using diapers
we only use when it is necessary..
I only use when there is rashes or sign of going to get rashes.
When bb stop getting rashes
I only used it at night since we don’t change his diaper in the middle of the night
Hi How do u all keep your 18month old kids busy in restaurants while you eat I don’t wanna keep feeding her snacks
I will let them eat themselves. After they are done with their food, they will play with the spoon haha
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You can keep her in play area in the restaurant. If play area is not there then give her something to eat or some toys.
Coloring book would be a nice option
Let her play with her favourite toy or read to her a storybook
Eat together, if she finishes faster than us can read a book
My daughter refuses to get her tongue cleaned. Any solutions ?
Tell her a story about germs partying in her mouth if not clean :p it may work
Same!! Halp!!
Coax her and tell her the down side of not cleaning her tongue
Don't clean?
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Keep trying and distract her with some toys etc(: