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14 years experience in the Early Childhood scene and ex-business owner of a private childcare centre and enrichment centre. Education: Bachelor Degree in Early Childhood Edication

My son has recently started blinking his eyes alot. He's 5 years old. Anyone has this happening to them too? Was wondering if should bring him to the doc or optometrist. It happens even when he is jus
Can be a nervous "tick".... Always good to rule-out a physical problem first e.g. infection or sight problems. it can also be allergies. Allergies can inflame the fleshy ball between the eyes which
Any recommendations for kids dentist in central area that is good with kids and not too ex? Appreciate sharing of personal experiences. Thanks!
Q&M is the way to go for me had great experiences so far till date
Anyone has recommendations for a good chinese tutor for pri 3 level? I dont want to go through tuition agency. Thanks.
Home tutor or centers. Any preference?
Do you have any quick and easy tips that I can use at home to just make myself look better? I usually go to work with light makeup and always have an easy to manage bob hairstyle. I have less than an
If you have Bob hairstyle go with hair accessories. Like hair scarfs. Earrings are good as well. They give you a different look. I'm using loreal spf cream concealer, and blusher. It takes me 7
Hi I think it depends on which part of your face do you think needs the most "enhancement". I think for most mommies skin discoloration and dull skin is the problem as we do not get enough sleep. Ther
i think there are a few things that you can play around with. firstly i think that you can reconsider your hairstyle or hair colors if you are looking to spice things up a little so that it can g
My girl gives up on something very easily. She feels dejected and lousy about herself after failing. How do I teach her perseverance and how to think positively and still go on amd mt give up?
Maybe my girl is young thus she might be easier to manage? I will tell her it's ok, no problem, let's try again. I will look at her at eye level and ask if she understands what is going on or happenin
Preloved infant car seat for sale at $30. Good condition. Email [email protected] if you're keen.
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How old is this?
Hi, suitable for newborn?
My son over the past few months had a few falls and chipped his front tooth. It also bled. He's about 20mths old. Should we bring him to the dentist or just leave it? He has never been to the dentist
if bb is okay and no adverse effects on his gums or general mouth area, its okay. think no need to go to the dentist. even if the tooth is chipped, it is still his baby tooth. it will fall out anyway
What's the WORST breastfeeding crisis you ever had?
This didn't happen to me but it still freaked me out a little. I was on the way out to meet a friend when I received a phone call from her. She told me to bring an extra t-shirt or jacket out and meet