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Can be a nervous "tick".... Always good to rule-out a physical problem first e.g. infection or sight problems. it can also be allergies. Allergies can inflame the fleshy ball between the eyes which causes excessive blinking. I had this as a kid and still blink loads as it became a habit after years of irritation. suggest see your GP/family doc or paediatrician first.
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My BIL used to teach my brother chinese, and he aced it in Secondary school and in IB. He is currently teaching a few students at their home, would you be keen on this?
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Hi Samantha, are you still on the lookout for a Chinese Language home tutor? If so, let me know if I could be of service.
Home tutor or centers. Any preference?
If you have Bob hairstyle go with hair accessories. Like hair scarfs. Earrings are good as well. They give you a different look. I'm using loreal spf cream concealer, and blusher. It takes me 7 minutes to get my look all ready to go. Chop chop =)
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Hi I think it depends on which part of your face do you think needs the most "enhancement". I think for most mommies skin discoloration and dull skin is the problem as we do not get enough sleep. Therefore for me concealer and foundation is very importation as it forms the base of my makeup. A glowing skin already wins many points. You can try Shu Uemura UV Mousse Base which is easy to apply and adds radiance. The next is to perk up the eyes as we tend to look tired. A little mascara, well groomed eye brows and some eyeliner definition will immediately make you look more awake. Finish off with some lil gloss. Hair may take too much time to manage so I think bob is fine as along as it is neat. If you have time can blow the hair for volume or while doing makeup put some Velcro rollers on the fringe and crown area for volume. Add some hair wax to the ends for a more defined and moisturizer look.
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i think there are a few things that you can play around with. firstly i think that you can reconsider your hairstyle or hair colors if you are looking to spice things up a little so that it can give you a refreshed look or head to a salon and get suggestions from the hair stylist how ti style or blow quickly for your hair. i think that make-up does wonders. a BB or a CC with SPF will be a fast way to deliver skin benefits and adjust your color. i would recommend getting a 2 in 1 e.g. lip and cheek stain (numerous brands) or a 3 in 1 lip, cheek, eye stain (can consider NARS Multiple). its fast to apply once you get the hang of it and the color stays all day. the benefit of the 3 in 1 is that if the same shade is applied to the eyes, there is a warmth and youthfulness to it - light pink/peach/orange tones - you can get the makeup artist to suggest to you too. conceler to hide any dark eye cycles and draw your brows :) if looking for an additional boost, put highlighter / v light color powder to the inner corners of the eyes and the brow bone to really highlight and give you the awake look hopefully some of the tips i shared will be useful to you :)
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Maybe my girl is young thus she might be easier to manage? I will tell her it's ok, no problem, let's try again. I will look at her at eye level and ask if she understands what is going on or happening or what is required for her to do. If the answer is no, I will go through with her again or call for a time out then try again when both of us calmed down or I just simply said shall we do this work together? When she succeeds, I will tell her "look you can do it too, well done" followed by a great big hug, shower her with kisses and praise her for trying. Sometimes I just bribe her with stickers if she gets too stubborn to try.
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if bb is okay and no adverse effects on his gums or general mouth area, its okay. think no need to go to the dentist. even if the tooth is chipped, it is still his baby tooth. it will fall out anyway so the chip is technically nt permanent.
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This didn't happen to me but it still freaked me out a little. I was on the way out to meet a friend when I received a phone call from her. She told me to bring an extra t-shirt or jacket out and meet her at the handicapped toilet near her work place. Turns out that she was super engorged and did not bring her pump out with her. She was only working for a few hours then and thought that she could go through the day without lugging her pump. So she planned to hand express her milk into some storage bags (lucky she had those) and dispose of them. The thing is, she decided that THAT DAY was the day to try hand expressing for the first time, in a public bathroom. She ended up squirting all over her top. She was in pain, distressed and her clothes were ruined when I finally found her. We cancelled our plans and went to her place to lament (and laugh) over what happened. Since then, she does not go anywhere without her breast pump.
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