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What do you think about having CCTVs in infant/child care centres? Do most infant/child care centres have CCTVs?
Good to have cctv. Most private schools have it but their rule is for staff to view footage only
Good idea. This is to protect the safety of the young ones and the teachers.
Yes It's important that the IFC/CCs you are planning to go shld have CCTV. it's one of my requirements. I will even asked about the CCTV placement to know where did they place the CCTV and where i
Yes. When such a facility is available the why not? It will help teachers and staff also in keeping vigilance at par. There is left no room for any wrong doing as everything will be monitored.
There absolutely should be CCTV's cameras in the day care centres. They help in keeping track of even those things which are missed by the teachers. And there's least possibility of missing track of a