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Is there a time frame that you can start full-on workout after delivery and when is the best time to start shedding that weight?
I asked my gyane about exercising too but he told me to go light and easy at 3 months as the abdominal muscles are recovering from the expansions. However, he fully supports abdmen tightening exercise
I witnessed a 5-year-old girl kicking her maid when she didn't get to have the lolly she was asking for. This happened in the MRT. This raised concerns in my mind (what if my kids one day do that to m
It depends on the age of the kids. If it is toddler, lead by example from young. If it bigger children especially those attending school, making them feel in the shoes of the person working better for
Totally agree with Ling. Children learn by example. If the adults treat the helper like a lowly servant then the children will learn and follow suit. And when there's no helper around anymore and pare
My toddler just hit my maid. I made him stand in the corner and then explained to him that it's wrong to beat others, and maids are also humans and have mummy and daddy that will feel sad if they know
The best way to teach a child is leading by example. Not by raising our voices or nagging. Kids learn the fastest by seeing. Nevertheless, i have to admit, i fail too. Hahaha
What’s really essential for our health? Is there a definitive list of things we should really buy organic?
Its a must! As long as you can go for natural ingredients or organic. foods nowadays are deceiving & even exposed to chemicals, pesticides, GMO (genetically modified object). Even in bible it was sta
The “dirty dozen” is a term used by the Environmental Working Group (EWG) to describe produce most contaminated with pesticides. It includes apples, celery, strawberries, sweet bell peppers, lettuce,
Is there a way to increase your fertility after 40 with Chinese herbs?
Take good high in anti oxidant
Yes there is but it also depends on your starting baseline whether it is easy or difficult and also your fertility report. I think the best thing that you can do is to go for a Gyne check and the man
Mummies, what are your favourite gadgets at home that help in making your lives that wee bit easier? Share!
Same as Jacq Ng - a vacuum robot. I just need to do one thorough cleaning over the weekend. The rest of the week, the robot gets sent on its 'mission' when the floor gets too icky.
iRobot! Makes the daily cleaning easier. So I only need to do a more thorough vacuuming and mopping during the weekends (mopping every few days if I could afford the time).
I'm Indian (Punjabi) and we are made to eat this dish called Panjiri during confinement period. Panjiri is a traditional dish believed to provide vital nutrients and help lactation. While under
Try to only take it in winter time. For breastfeeding mums it is recommended as it is good for the bones
Money or fame? Pick the one you'd want more of.
Money. Who cares about fame hahaha
Definitely want more of money
Money, this is a very realistic world ~
Money ~ everything needs money ~
Money to travel the world. I want my peace and privacy :-)
How often do you and hubby have date nights and what do you look forward to most?
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hah... what are the defination of date night... out catching a movie etc etc...? after 3 births... not so often... its quite handful actually. but we do make it a point to catch movie at home every
once a week .. sometime alone just the two of us, where we can be crazy and do all sort of things .
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Once or twice a week ☺ Look forward to escape and spend some time with just the 2 of us for some movies or karaoke etc..
Once a month maybe. I got 4 kiddos. seriously no time for own self only when the kids r not schooling then no choice, hubby has to take leave. Otherwise it would be on special occasion only.
Once a week at least. It's usually a movie and dinner date if it's a weekday night. If it's a weekend, we'd try to plan for something longer and more creative -- maybe yoga, workout at the gym or simp
If you had a year off work, what would you do with your family?
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Travel around the world with the fam bam!!
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Travel for sure! And get involved in some charitable works too(:
We would help out in different charitable organisations together.
Travel alot and probably take them volunterring
Anyone can recommend a good Math tutor for PSLE coaching? It's just around the corner and my son needs help!
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Hi... you might find this article informative
My kid went to Mindstretcher...
Hi pls contact me if you need tuition for your child . 98267609 Ricky . Free online e learning for your child from top school exam papers . Discounted rate for assessment books
hi, may i know what is your expectation on tutor? may be i can help?
Much as I feel like volunteering myself, I dun have the time. Recommendation is for u to go and revise the questions that your child got wrong so that the misconceptions are cleared. Use some parallel