Disgusting spouse

How disgusting is it to pick your teeth in front of your spouse? What's the most disgusting thing your partner did/ you've done in front of him/ her?

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We did everything disgusting I guess. Fart, poo, pee, spit, whatever... think too comfortable with each other!

We Fart infront of each other and dig my nose 🤣

hahahaha, thts nothing new. we fart in front of each other, he s*** while I brush my teeth, bath while I pee, burp really loudly. some times we'll even have farting competition. 😂 he will scratch his manhood too. 😂 some times after he s***, he will take photo and send me. trust me, your case is not the worse. LOL. I just think tht it's a way of saying tht we are comfortable with each other? I don't mind tho...

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My hubby fart, dig his nose, scratch his scrotch in front of me!🙄

Picking of teeth is fine it okay. It's the farting. Even though its digusting, i still find it ok? Cos husband and wife already. ahahaha

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I think its not disgusting at all! I mean, its not sexy, but its not horrifyingly disgusting... The most disgusting thing would probably be my partner taking a dump while I'm brushing my teeth. But even then, I don't find its not too bad? hahaha

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Fart, dig my nose, pick my teeth, my husband says sometimes he wonders if he married a man. Lol. Other times he says, he thought he was still in camp with the way i behave. Ill just look aeay and ignore him.

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After childbirth I feel I have crossed all boundaries already. Lol. Nothing seems disgusting anymore