What will you do if your MIL keep bad mouthed in front all her relatives but keep "saying" nice thing about you in front of your husband? I am really dreading of meeting them or attending any gatherings especially CNY gathering? Every year she will find a topic to complain about me and repeat it to everyone she meet in front of me. The story will repeat 30 times before a new topic again and again. Ending up me quarrel with my husband over it. My husband is not helping me at all but keep telling how ungrateful I am as his parents are so nice to me. However, I really can't take it anymore on my mil's craps.

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same situation as you! and my mil have huge family. she have 12 siblings. my husband isn't supporting either. such a mommy's boy. I also want to know what options do I have

Record her telling tales and expose her. If he still don’t believe you, then I don’t see any point being in an unhappy relationship without trust.

Thankfully its only during CNY period. I believe there is karma for people who spread untrue negative things about someone they dont fancy.

I'll just let it go. After all she can say what she wants. Hopefully you can have a heart to heart talk with your hubby. All the best dear.

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Well , depend on situation.. Sometimes i will let it go but if it cross my line then i will definitely talk back and starred hubby 😅

If really cannot take it , I'll record what the mil said behind hb's back to let him know how 2headed snake his Mother is

So annoying. I will not be bothered about her nonsense