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Hi anyone had redeem the "seriously keto bundle ? " May i know what does the bundle consists of as it didnt state but picture seem to have a few items. Anyone can advise
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Here you go:) you can just click it and it will show you the whole description
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the rewards system
Hi anyone know the reward system for spinning ?where to spin ?
Can not spin. Waiting...
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Cannot spin
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No idea. Redeemed the ticket but nothing happen after that.
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It’s conducted backend by TAP, I think.
Anyone got late pregnancy result ?
I had almost all symtoms of pregnancy but pregnancy test show negative .. Anybody got late pregnancy result before
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Best to confirm with gynae
I also experience this and doctor told me to do Trans-v ultrasound and yes, I’m 6weeks pregnant
Why getting negative result after testing 3 times
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Yes. I tested negative for a few times. I went to the clinic and get it checked. It's more accurate to get it checked at the clinic.
How to induce menses if its late
Is there way to induce menses if its late ? And not pregnant ?
Hi, Try Papaya. The delay happens mainly due to stress so try to be relaxed
Could be because you're stressed so maybe try to relax and see if it changes. If not, see the doctor.
Better check with your gyne.
Check with your gyne. It could be some lifestyle change but there would be meds that can help.
See ur gynae They can give meds if necessary
What's your hobby?
Sleeping!!! Is that considered a hobby? lol
I'm on social media most of the time. Offline, I'm into lolita fashion.
Reading novels! Especially Stephen King's bks! Thrillers!
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Travel to explore more 😉
I like to sure social media n travel!
Any recipe to make jelly cake?
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i made this. follow instructions
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Today i tried .. I get those jelly pack type and make it.. U can try as instruction are all on the packaging.
I'm so bad at baking. Tried baking so many times and still can't get it right. share with us once you have baked yours!!
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This one looks yummy and pretty easy to make!
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What will you do if you know your partner is cheating ?
Confront him, but don’t dive in straight away. Rather, gather some proof to show that he’s cheating on you, and from there trash talk things out. *TOUCHWOOD* if it doesn’t help, then you can consider
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You could confront him and if he denies then you need to face the fact that he might have a cheating husband syndrome. 1) first deny and demands u show evidence. 2) when confront with undeniable evi
Been there. Confront, if its definitley evidence based and especially if its more than once - leave him / her. One caveat is what your definition is of cheating (for some it's flirting all the way to
Knowing me, I would sob non stop!
Confront him!
How's your relationship with your the other half after having a child ? is it better or worst
so much worse especially when you have a bossy MIL who wants to get herself involved. baby is the cause of all conflict! Now we have issue with my baby's solid and milk intake. we quarrel ALOT. finan
Our relationship got worse in e first 3 months.. It was tedious as I was so stressed up and lack of slp causes me to get angry easily. We needed time to adjust and I have to teach hubby how to help to
worst than before preggy!
Almost the same but sometimes can be stressful due to committed to take care of household and kid.
I can't say it's better. In fact it sort of gotten worst cause we don't see eye to eye when it comes to kids issue
when does your child start to talk
my first son, he started about 1 year plus. my second boy 10months old only goes blabbering.
My now 22mo started talking arnd 15months.
How often do you visit your in-laws ? do you like it
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Once a month, not often so it's fine(:
From once a year to once every 2 year I encourage my husband to visit them and get flight ticket for him during festive or during their birthday Luckily he did not force/insist me to visit them cause
Staying with them and cant wait to get out of this hellhole.
stayinf with them, thus seeing everyday. but I hope to move out soon!
the question is how can I avoid seeing them. my husband is mommy's boy too and he just have to always arrange to have a meal with them together with his siblings and random relative. I hate it. too m