What will you do if your husband want you to cut of contact with your sister as she keep talking negatively about your family which affect you? However, he himself refused to do anything about his parents who did even more nasty things to his family, wife and kids (their own grandchildren). He don't even dare to told them off when they are in wrong and keep asking me to turn deaf at all their wrongdoings. All his actions are causing stress at me which in turn make me turn hash towards my children. After yelling, screaming and even beating my children, it make me feel so bad. I have tried marring counselling, face to face talk to my parents-in-law (they agreed to stop involving in our family matter but continue to do it when my husband is not around), stop meeting often to avoid negative build-up from them (but they call my husband every another day to inform him that they hurt their hands, legs, or backside. They are fine when we go down). I am really running out of idea and thinking if we should go separate way to avoid all the negatives.

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Similar situation but my hubby side his family side and take revenge and not talking to my family. I am focusing on my children now and I treat him as transparent. I don't talk to him when I am Mad. I never push my anger to my kids. I used to care a lot on my Mother and Father in law feeling. I very care how my Husband treat me and I circle around the circle. They used my kids as threatening weapon against me. After taking consultation from counsellor and friends, I change my focus. I solely focus on my children well being. I asked my mum to help me on my youngest Son. My elder children have better attention now and they are doing better and better. My Husband always depend on his mood. He will push all blames to me or don't care the kids. I don't think divorce will help me and I don't think the children will be happy if I divorce. and I feel to focus on kids is the most important. Morale and value to pass to them is far more important than in laws matter or your own sisters matter. Don't talk much with parents in law to keep it simple. Just all about kids. I don't bother him and he turn back to look for me sometime. He will feel bad one day and turn toward you. I hope this help you.

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Why did the both of you even bother getting married.. And now you have kids and want to take the easy way.. That is so freaking irresponsible. Both side deserved to slap. I suggest both of you talk it out properly and it must not involve alienating one side of the family.. Absolutely childish and stupid to bring a children into this world and act like kids. If both of you are from the same church or temple.. Get a pastor to be mediator.. I can imagine a divorce will be more acrimonious when you all fight over kids and house.. Both family will fight against each other for little to no gain but an unhappy childhood for the innocent children.

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I am in a somewhat similar situation as u. Juz that mine is solely in laws. I am guilty of venting on my kids as well. So e husband went to tell his parents about the wrong n in turn, i was blamed for making him upset his parents. Tat was a clear sign for me. Im taking a divorce route. It is not juz a easy way out but if your husband cannot logically stand in e middle to see the pic, then even when dis problem is solved, in e future u will have to repeat e same things for other problems.

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Talking to ur parent in law will not work honey. Your husband isn't helping to stop his parents, there is nothing you can do about it. Have a short time out. Let both of your mind settle down to think straight and proper first

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If going separate ways will help them I'll do it. I would do what works for me. No one knows your situation better than yourself. follow your heart

No need to talk. Talk when necessary. I won't even bother about them. I think I'll ignored cut off ties.

I will ask for a cool off period. Both of you need equal time to cool and think properly.

Time out please.