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Today is the worst day for me. To find out how much i treat my siblings in law as my own siblings and turn out? They decided to lie about my husband whereabouts even my husband ask them they dont have to. Is it wrong to ask if they are at home or is my husband with them? Now, i decided not to go my in law house and not gonna let the siblings to touch my child anymore. Had enough. My parents in law are nice to me but i dw to show my ugly side to them because their children provoke me. This is why i always told my hubby we have to show a role model to our child because we experience of lack of love and education.

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1. I am not on good terms with in laws! I totally dont let them see or touch my baby unless I feel like then I bring baby over to their house! (Maybe 3 month once for 1 hour or less) Yayaya people always say “be nice because you never know when you need their help” lmao no thanks I won’t be nice 2. Dont even mention siblings in law! WORSE!!!! They didn’t like me since day 1 know them for 5 years never spoke more than 3 sentences lol! They want play with my baby?! Hell no! I hate it when they touch or even try to carry my baby! I make it clear I don’t want them to anyhow touch or carry my baby! I dont care if I totally make things ugly with them! They dont deserve it why should I! You have to be a role model to your kid but I won’t teach them to respect adults who dont respect them! At least for me if y’all dont respect me then why the hell should I teach my kid to respect y’all. Break the generational curse of expecting our kids to respect adults who clearly dont respect them You are the mom baby is yours you have all the rights to decide who does what with your baby. Stand for yourself! Be firm! Voice out!

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11mo ago

Tbh Dont ask siblings! Especially now that you’ve seen what sort of pattern you’re gonna get from them take it as a lesson learnt! Never ever ask them again! Since y’all just quarrel and he need his own time and space then let him he! He’ll appear again somewhere somehow! Dont ever show them that you’re affected by their actions! Just dont let your LO go to them! My baby is 10 months and whenever I go over I’ll say to her “ no one else can touch you or carry you only mommy can” NO FAIL since baby until now she’ll cry as scream even when they stretch their hands out to carry her!