empathy in kids

Just wanted to share a really sweet incident that happened with my daughter today. She’s 2 years 5 months old. She saw a little child (under 18 months) crying at our gym class. And kept asking me why is baby crying. I said because she’s sad. She paused for a moment and looked at the flowers I had just bought her for fun as she loves flowers. She turned to me and asked, “mama can I give the flowers to the baby so she’s happy?” I said of course, and off she went to the little girl. She looked at her and said for you and gave her the flowers. She hugged her and said don’t cry. And then she half hopped, half danced her way back into my arms.

empathy in kids
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When children are raised with empathy, it quickly shows and they adopt the attitude. I think you've done a very good job of raising your child so far because not only can she recognise the emotions, she also recognises the need to address it. :)

I hope this love and care stays with our kids forever. I feel like freezing time and not let me lo ever grow out of this age!

This is so sweet! Empathy is a life skill, one of the most important ones that parents can pass to their children. :)

That's sweet. I believe if you surround your child with love, she will grow up loving others around her too.

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Very sweet. She learned from her parents ❤

So cute.. kids are adorably intelligent :)

what a beautiful story! ❤

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We need more feed like this 😍😇

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Awwww....That's really sweet💞

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Oh kid, you made my day