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Carla Perlas, Philippines

Sweet mamita of 2 princesitas

About Carla Perlas

Flying to Australia is Cheaper Than Flying to Japan or Korea

Oh wow! Check out these promo fares from Singapore Airlines! I'm surprised at the cheap prices. ..more

Period = Increased Appetite?

Does anyone else get extra hungry when your period is approaching? Gosh, I can't seem to stop eating today!
Yes, sweets and soda!

Tit for Tat

Has anyone else hit their child after they hit you? Okay - hear me out. Sometimes I feel staying calm and reasoning with them doesn't work. So once in a while when my toddler hits me, I tap her back -
I pull my daughters hair when she pulls mine, till she stops. Usually ends up with her wailing away and refusing to say sorry. I think it’s okay. She only stops when she feels the pain too.

My Threenager Nightmare

Ever since my daughter turned 3 years old, she has become such a huge pain in the butt. Always saying no, doesn't want to listen, fights us all the time. I am really hoping this is just a phase and th
I distract as much as possible. So the moment she is cranky I go “omg, is there a Lizard in the ceiling - omg can u help me catch it?” Or I make her tantrum into a game. So I tell her she says no 1 ti

Not enough time

Working mums! How much time do you get to spend with your little ones during the week?
About 90 minutes on weekdays and total overload on weekends ;)