Anybody else feels Annoyed that people kept asking if you're pregnant before your announcement?

"She’s pregnant. Yay! Oh, wait. She’s not ready to tell everyone – at least not yet. Just because she’s going to be a mama doesn’t mean she wants to tell you yet. Why not? Some women want to wait until after the first trimester is over, when there is a lower risk of miscarriage. Some women have had previous miscarriages and don’t want to jinx it. Others just want to wait. Whatever her reason is, it’s her reason. And making her spill when she’s not ready just isn’t okay. Yes, technically the mama-to-be can say she’s not pregnant when you ask. If she’s not ready, she doesn’t have to share. She can say nothing, she can tell you she doesn’t know or she can say no. It’s her prerogative to hide the truth right now. But, the fact that you asked puts her in a sticky spot. Don’t try to force her good news out by asking too early on. If you know (or think) she’s trying, don’t assume that she wants all of her friends, family, co-workers, neighbors and acquaintances to know the exact moment the pee stick shows a double purple line. Let her have her moment, and don’t push a reveal too early on."

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?!! The news of my pregnancy was spread to everyone in my company without my acknowledgment. I even confronted my colleague and all she said was “why must you hide? Pregnant also must keep it as a secret?” Its very frustrating that these people are not respecting your decision at all! Good news is not even one soul cares to visit or wish me after i have give birth lol.

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Yes yes yes. So many of my extended family members knew I was pregnant before I told them. I really wanted to tell them personally especially my close cousins but someone had spilled earlier. They kept hinting me to tell them and kept asking but I twisted the answers. It’s my first and I really wanted the way I announce it to be special and from me.

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I totally feel this! Wanted to keep quiet until my third month, but some colleagues kept asking if I'm pregnant during my first month of pregnancy, just because they noticed changes in my appetite etc. Despite hinting and telling them to hush, they went on to spread around and it's really difficult when everyone is discussing it!

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Totally not their biz and then we are forced to say no to stop them from second guessing. More often than not we have our own personal reasons or struggles why we are not saying or announcing yet. Maybe these people didn’t go through this before or just way too excited for others.

Totally agree. Some people know it and just share freely and cause unnecessary stress and unhappiness to other family members that they seemed to be outcast. But it’s my pregnancy and I want to announce it my own way.

Ya usually I make sure these nosey parker are the last to know

4y ago

I have one such colleague. She only knew I am preg when I am already 6m and my tummy was obviously big enough.

Yes. There are always these annoying people

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I know exactly what you mean!!?

Ya annoying