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Hi mummies , My mother-in-law visited our house last weekend. I really wanted to treat her well. The first day I gave her tea. she asked whether I have added sugar to tea. I said yes, a little bit. Then she said Is sugar good for my health? Why did you add it? I said sorry. I was worried about her words. Nextday I gave her tea without adding sugar. She ran to me and asked if I didn't add sugar. and she added little sugar to the tea. again I was worried, did I do any wrong mummies?

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Dear mummy, it doesn’t sound like you did anything wrong. If me, I will just give her either water or just pack drinks.. If she complain, then she won’t get any drinks from me anymore and I will just tell her off “you are just creating unnecessary problem at my house, I don’t see why I should still serve you drinks but not to worry that your son will bring it to you”. This type of MIL needs to teach them a lesson and don’t let her climb over your head! Especially when you have kids I am very sure she will make sure she involves every single things and wants you to be her follower. Be strong mummy! 😊

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I would just prepare tea and sugar by the side. If she still has complaints like why didn’t you add in for her, then that’s the last time she’ll be drinking tea (or any drinks) from my house. 😊 Not because I’m trying to be unfilial but if she does that, she just sounds like she’s trying to pick bones out of eggshells.

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I will ask if she wants tea. I will prepare hot water, tea cup, tea bag/leaves and put sugar at side. It looks nice set up and tell her to add as she wish in a polite way. And I don’t mind if she doesn’t want to take it at all. I do my part as dil. Her parts is hers. Her reaction doesn’t affect me

You didnt do anything wrong. Perhaps maybe you can ask her the next time if she wants sugar or not before making tea. Or maybe put a sachet or two just like in restaurants. So she can have it when she want it. 😊

Next time ask her to make her own tea. 😂 Put sugar our prob, no sugar our prob. Later water not hot or too hot also our prob. Tsk tsk.

u are so nice.. if i were u, i will just ask my husband to serve her.. own son server her sure no complain.. 😇

We never be able to please everybody in this life. Next time you may want to ask your hubby to serve the tea 😁

tell her to learn some manners. its your house, your rules. hahahah. you're not the waiter and she's not the customer.