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My son’s photos on my MIL’s social media

My MIL, bless her, likes posting pictures of my son on her social media. We happen to be sending her photos regularly of my son on our group chat but she posts almost all of them on her facebook. Not
talk to her about privacy? tell her ur concerns.
Talk to her about it. I think people can go overboard too much when it comes to exposing their personal lives too much.
wow, your MIL must be feeling so proud of your son to be posting pics of him. But are you not comfortable with that? Was there any comments or responses tagged in those pics uploaded? If you or your s
Your MIL is very proud of your son 😍 but if you don’t like her posting on SM, just nicely talk to her about it.
The question is ...if you are comfortable with it? If you are a very private person and like to keep a low profile maybe you should let her know how you feel or you could ask her to add you and your h

kid-friendly brunch/cafe places

My husband and I love going on cafe-hopping and having brunches even before getting married. Now with our little guy, it’s quite difficult to find places that serve good food and coffee that are also
I would recommend botanical gardens
We recently tried Cafe Melba at Goodman Art Centre and were really pleased. It has great coffee, healthy food and juices, has lots of shade, and is a very family friendly setting - including lots of f

Social Media

I’m not really comfortable with other people (apart from family, even them, sometimes tbh) taking photos of my son and sharing them on social media. How can I tell them to refrain from doing it (esp.
Be open and honest with them, but in a friendly manner. Remember, they will mean well and many will have no idea if they are upsetting you. A friendly and private word should be enough to stop it happ
I think you would need to sit them down and speak to them and be honest about how uncomfortable it makes you. I would also feel very uncomfortable if someone did the same to me.
i will simply tell them to not (ever) post any pics of my son or family without my agreement. i am very protective of my family that way
Just be direct and tell them. say hey, I hope you would respect my concern for my kid's safety by not sharing photos of him online. thanks!
I would just share on fb a scary article about how a kids life got screwed up by having his photos available in public and tag all my family members in it. And then say publicly that going forward you

If you can’t be both

which would you rather be good at: being a spouse or being a parent?
Being a good parent
I'm assuming you are referring to being a good spouse or good parent, not about whether you get married or not. You don't have to choose. The reality is that when you are a good spouse, you will natu
That's tough! I'd choose spouse.