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My 3 yo will cry a lot every morning at school. She just started preschool in Mar then cb stop going for 2 months. Now she cried more and said she didn't want to go to school. The reason given was when she was crying at school her teacher angry at her. She is sensitive girl when anyone she loves angry with her. What should I tell her?

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How many times do you stand by your child’s classroom door waiting for them to arrive? As much as you love your child and want them to be happy and healthy, this is not the time to be a parent. You should leave them at home. Let them cry it out. https://alvapc.co.uk/product-category/gaming/virtualreality/ This is not just about giving your child the freedom to grow in their own way, it is also about giving yourself the time and space needed for your own growth and development. If you have a child this age, go on holiday or take a break from work, and let them cry it out. It’s very important they get time to reflect and find their own way in life, so that they are ready when they return to school.

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hi I'm experiencing the same thing..my girl says teacher show her angry face and today told her "cry la cry la, cry somemore".. should they be treating kids this way? she is the only new joiner starting in July. Shouldnt they be patient and try to let her adapt? it's not even 2 weeks and she is so traumatized, scared to even cry.

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I think you need to talk to the school teachers and seek their support to help your LO adjust to school. You can go through with her the morning routine, keep to a consistent schedule, do positive reinforcement etc. If all fails, it could be the school.

Thanks for advice!