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Thinking of getting a divorce.. shld I? I know kids are innocent but I dunno what is in future for us.. he said I am not a good wife and mother.. feeling disappointing in life.. he even be rude to my parents. Said I shldn't say him cause I myself also rude to my parents. My way of talking to my parents is different from his. His tone is aggressive and pushy. I think no point of going marriage counselling..

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Hi have you had a good chat with him nicely telling him how hurt you are? It is great that you mentioned you all had good times too. It means things are not so ugly to the point it is marred by only bad times. Your marriage still can be saved. How old are your kids? Marriage takes a lot of compromise and understanding and sometimes for one party to endure more. Many people told me to endure as well. If your husband is faithful to you I don't think things are so bad yet. Remember we choose our husbands so we must try to make it work out. If both parties are hot tempered and stubborn one party must back down first . My husband is always annoying me too and always I think of separating from him. But I always try to calm down and think things through. It may take a long time for them to alter their behaviour. And the word is alter not change. They may become better in their attitude but will never totally change. So give both of you more time and more chances to work it out nicely together for the sake of the kids ok?

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Definitely go for marriage counseling because like u say the kids are innocent and divorce is a painful process that affects ur lives permanently too and the future can be painful for all of u. It's not fair for him to judge u as a wife or mother because only u can be a wife to him and only u can be a mother to ur child. Any comparison is pointless and has no ground. Maybe he see u rude to ur parents that's why he is rude also since no need to be nice? Marriage is a commitment and a choice. U have to choose each other everyday, even when you don't feel like it because it's not so much about feelings - because there will be both good and bad days. It's a choice to choose to not take it to heart, it's a choice to give ur family a chance, a choice to give ur kids a chance of complete family, a choice to still choose ur husband. Jia you! Divorce is a tough way out

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Hi dear, i hear you. However many a times im sure others experience the same frustrations for yourself. Each time when i get such thoughts, i often remind myself of the good. The reason i got married, the reason i loved my husband. There is so much i can say. I dont think it would be helpful for me to advise. Im sure you are tired. Ask yourself this, is it worth it?

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7y ago

Hey dear, sometimes talking gets us frustrated and emotional. Try to pen down your thoughts and give it to him instead. Be silent. Good and bad times are normal. We need to pick our fights. Whats important to you may not be the case for him. Try to come to a consensus within yourself first dear.

There is always reason to go for counseling because divorce is more difficult and painful