Strangers touch baby

My son loves to play with strangers on the street and he will laugh loud with them too. End up lots of them want to touch his leg/hand/cheeks (or even kiss him one time). I don’t think it’s really hygienic giving he’s only 4 months old but it’s hard to tell them to stop when my son is having a good time with them. What should I do?

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Haha i think I was even more paranoid than you. At 4 months old, I'd have my son strapped to me in carrier and no one would be able to touch him. Germs are so easily passed these days and I'm not risking some random stranger passing germs to my kid. Kid get sick not their problem, its my problem. They're not gonna even know after the fact nor contribute to caring for my kid at all.

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I hear you! But other than whipping out your anti bacteria wet wipes and washing your child's face and hands there's really nothing much you can do🙈

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better not use wet wipes too often, I read a guy sharing his baby got eczema cos many people touches the baby and he constantly wipes his baby's face with wet wipe, so blame the people who touch or the wet wipes? I suspect the wet wipes cos it contains chemical or soap, if u want to clean ur baby face, just use clean water with dry tissue.

Can tell them that he is feeling unwell so can’t be exposed to stranger’s touching them. Generally they will back away once they hear it

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It’s ok u may do a good clean up after reach home or there .. let baby can enjoy how ever he wants u May maintain a proper clean up latr

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I think we should ease up a little.. clean him up well after.. but it’s ok to socialise and not be overly paranoid:)

It helps build his immunity too. As long as he is not really playing in filth, it should be fine.

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Just wipe him clean and sanitize him with baby safe wipes and sanitizer.

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Best way to keep them away from stranger is to carrier them haha

Sometimes i just put the muslin cloth over yhe stroller

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Just clean him up using wipes who ever touches him