Seems like I’m the one complaining a lot at home after having kids. They are the first few grandchildren and all focus on them. A lot of things which I didn’t bother, I tend to pay a lot more attention to them. Such as cleanliness. Food. There are things I wanted them to be done in a certain way, but there are too many voices in the house and I tend to be neglected. For eg, when I said the food is too salty, they always think I don’t want to let them take salt. When someone else said the same thing, it is heard. When I said don’t keep letting kids watch tv, it’s not good. nobody listened. But when someone else said too much screen time is not good, comment was heard. No doubt everyone in the house is trying to help. But they don’t do it your way. And your voice is always not heard. Sometimes I wonder, why did I even comment? Some people will tell me do it yourself if you want it to be done in a certain way, I must admit I’m not capable enough to take care of all my kids alone. So what should I do? Maybe I should just shut my mouth. Keep quiet.

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Hmmm. I’ll actually voiced out my opinion. Afterall, they are your kids and you have the say in how you want to raise them. But yes, I believe some accommodation of the both parties is important for better days ahead!