Sometimes I feel that I don't have a social life anymore. I live away from home because my husband is from Iloilo and all my friends are in Manila, so it's hard for me to meet up with them because we only go home for a vacation once every quarter. And when we go home, I prefer staying at home with my baby and parents. Do you sometimes feel this way too? The feeling that you want to go out but it's just so hard to leave your baby.

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Hi mommy carla. We have the same predicament. I felt miserable since we moved to Bacolod. I tried working again but it didn't work. While making friends with other moms from my son's school helped, I still felt so alone. I admit I'm not a very sociable person. I'm only comfortable with my longtime friends and find a hard time making new ones. I suggest that at this point in our lives we have to continually remind ourselves what our priorities are and work around it. Because I have zero social life now, I focused on taking care of my son and working from home. I am not 100% okay but I don't dwell on my problems anymore. I think of how blessed I am to be with my baby all the time.

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Oo naman mommy... May time na feel ko din yan.. I felt like i am missing a lot of fun kasi trabaho bahay lang route ko. Then alaga kay baby.. Siguro u just need a little break. Me time. Pero most importantly, ma feel mo ang assurance and love ng hubby mo.. Time out with friends, ok naman un. Pero at the end of the day, mas masaya pa rin sa family. Iwasan mo mag fb kung nagiging contributing factor yun. Minsan kasi, while we browse on fb, we see friends posting trips, gigs, exciting things they experience nafefeel natin we are left behind. But remember, ang fb parang commercial lang yan.. Showing just the good things.. Happiness and contentment still come from the inside..

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We share the same sentiment. I used to live in Cebu and moved to Cagayan de Oro after getting married. I had 0 friends and 0 relatives here. I found out that there was a local mommy group here. I attended their pocket activities and eventually gained mommy friends. Now, I go out with other mommy friends and tagging along our babies. It's a refreshing and assuring feeling that I have gained mommy friends who share and can relate with what I'm going through. You could definitely say,"Wow! I'm definitely not alone." And everytime we get back to Cebu, I make sure that I squeeze in some of my time to meet my friends. Makes me feel as if I never left Cebu.

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That's what I need here, to find a local mommy group. Thanks Mommy :)

Yes, I do. All my friends are either not yet married or childless. Sometimes it's difficult to set a date with them because I have to think about my kid first. I always bring him with me. I sometimes feel guilty when I choose my family over my friends even though my friends really want to see me. But when I do meet up with them, I bring my husband and my kid. If you want to go out but can't leave your baby, maybe you could ask your husband or mother to come with you to the mall and go around so that they could look after your baby while you have coffee with friends for an hour or so.

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I also feel the same way. I don't go out as often as before since I got pregnant. But my friends and I have a viber group wherein we talk daily (reaching average of 300 messages daily) so I still feel connected even if I don't see them personally. Alternatively, you can also make new friends in Iloilo.

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I have never been able to go out with friends for the last 4 years, that's after I got married. I also got too focused in raising my baby and I didn't realize many years have passed. Some friends invite me for dinner but I just don't have the chance to do it for now. Maybe in the next 10 years. Haha

Same situation here. After I decided to quit my job in the corporate set up, I've never had the chance to go out on my own. Literally, no social life for 3 years. There are times I miss those days when I had all the freedom to go wherever I want, but it just crosses my mind from time to time.

You can make new friends sa Iloilo. You can start wih your neighbor, or find mommygroups in your province that share your interests. Also, you can utilize the usage of internet to constantly communicate with your friends here in Manila.

I so got used to that kind of set up and I've learned to adjust through the years. I've been stay at home mom for 4 years and I've never had time to meet up with my friends. I have no regrets since I'm doing this for my kids primarily.

yes, but when I feel like that I try to think positively and think of ways to have a social life with my kid instead. I prepare a date with my 2 year old son at home. I make popcorns and set the DVD player for a nonstop avenger movies.