Keeping my child safe

Is it bad that I am just keeping my child safe? I know its for her development too to meet other people. But its pandemic. And when we experience being covid positive I was really scared for my daughter and for her to be be safe at all cost is all I want. Now and most of the time I am hearing my mother and father in law always saying to bring our baby down for our baby not to be scared at people and to be familiarize with them. It has been months since we were already negative. That is why my husband and I are slowly bringing out our baby to the outside world even downstairs. (we live with my husbands parents) my mother in law goes out for her morning exercise everyday and sometimes brings her friends here at home. There is also a constructiom going on at the back where my father in law is supervising. They go out a lot to go somewherr ot do errands and they do not take a bath when coming home. That is why I do not let our baby go down cause they might bring in some virus. But recently since therr is no construction at the back I am.slowly bringing down our baby. And my mother and father in law kept.on saying that i should always bring down my daughter. I am feeling a bit hurt because it fwels like tbey are telling it to my face but indirectly bevause they do tell it to other.people and its like it was my fault that their grandchild is scared of them. I justwant my baby to be safe thats all. But they do not understand that. Sorry for the long post hope you do understand my side and as a mother. #1stimemom #firstbaby #worryingmom #hurtingmom #feelingbadmom

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Hi ok lang medyo praning tayo for our child's safety. Sana maintindihan nila yun mommy.. Ok yun normal lang sa panahon ngayon andyan pa rin si Covid. In my case nga naiinis ako bakit ba nauso ang lalawayan ang baby na pwera usog. Ay nako mawalang galang na talaga nagsasabi talaga ako kahit relatives namin na wag nila malaway lawayan baby ko.. Pandemic ngayon lahat nakamask tapos manlalaway sila ng baby

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2y ago

May point ka nga dun san nga hindi nila ginagawq un kasi parang direct transmission na un incase infected unh tao haaaaay

As a mother and covid still here, we must protect our child. Just ignore them, hindi naman sila ang mag susuffer kundi yung anak natin.

2y ago

Thank you so much. That is what I am telling to myself. But then.. Anyways thank you so much. This is really a lot.