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Which is better for a preschooler, morning or afternoon class?
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Morning para masanay na gising maaga.
Morning para sakin.
Afternoon. Mahirap pag tulog pa sila tapos gigisingin for school
Morning! Alert and awake. 🥰
Ano ang madalas niyong refreshment this summer?
Mahilig kami gumawa ng fruit shake. At least every other day, meron kaming shake for refreshment.
Sa bahay paburito ng mga kids ko ang fresh fruits (mango , banana , avocado ) with milk . Lagi ko itong ginagawa sa bahay lalo na pag summer .
How do you manage your emotions when you have PMS?
finollow ko ung steps dito except to cut coffee http://www.wikihow.com/Manage-PMS-Mood-Swings
I usually have "ME TIME" , i do things na nakakapagparelax sa akin like mani pedi , napapansin ko kasi the more na nagpapakbusy ako the more na mas may tendency na mag kamood swings ako
I try to stay away from things na nakakapag pairita sa akin, minsan nakakatrigger din ng emotions pag gutom ka so a take my meals on time and some snack in between
I make a conscious effort to pause before reacting to something. Sometimes I even count silently.
Do you let your small children go out with this kind of temperature?
Yes but with sunblock usually pag nasa beach kami. But on regular day lang like maglaro sa labas mag 4pm ko na siya pinapayagan
Masydong mainit ung panahon ngayon macocompare ko talaga nung bata ako pag summer talaga nsa labas ako ng bahay nglalaro ok lang nmn ung weather. Pero ngayon lumabas ka lang saglit masakit na sa balat
No po, kahit sa bahay sobrang init na what more sa laas ng bahay.
Ay no way. Lalagnatin ang anak ko sa sobrang init dito sa amin.
Nooo. The weather is way to harsh and it is not healthy for them nor for us, adults! If we need to go out, we make it a point to put on sunblock and wear proper clothes for the weather (and bring extr
Have you noticed your toddler becoming selfish at times?
Lahat namaan ng bata dadaan sa phase na yan ang pagiging egocentrico. Kaya mabuti din na we keep on reminding them na hindi maganda ang hindi nagg sha-share.
I guess almost all toddlers go through a phase where they want everything to be theirs. As parents, we have to train them the value of sharing early on.
If you enroll your child to a progressive school, is it ok to shift to a traditional one in case the former doesn't work, and vice versa?
I think yes. You need to find the right school where your child will learn and reach her full potential.
I think if traditional works better, the shift will just be fine. Afterall, we care for our kids on how they will learn effectively.
Do you use airbnb for your staycation with your family?
Haven't tried it yet but I've explored it online and looks like it's really convenient and they offer good deals.
Yes sometimes. Pero kapaag staycation lang around metro manila no need na, direcho tawag at booking na sa hotel.
Yes we do. Convenient gamitin at walang nagiging problema sa bayaran. Tapos yung mga owner pa ng mga bahay or condo units ay ang babait mabilis umaction kapag may problema.
Yes we do. It's a stress-free way of booking hotels. We got our transient house 2 weeks ago in Baguio via Air bnb. The rate is good as well as the house itself.
Do you put anything pag nagkaka pimple kayo due to menstruation?
Kung ano yung normal na paghihilamos ko ganon pa din. Wala din ako masyadong pinapahid sa face na whitening cream or pang exfoliate at kung ano pa man.
I just wash with soap and water
My normal way of washing and cleansing my face using organic papaya soap.
me wala ako nilalagay kasi mawawala din naman after mens.
Do you still let your children play outdoor this summer season?
I don't. I even hardly let them play outdoor on regular days, how much more with this kind of temperature now.
In our province we have a huge fenced backyard and I let my daughter play there with her cousins.
Nope I don't allow her to play outside. There are lots of bad people lurking around so it's better safe than sorry. Anyways, she has all the toys that she needs here at home so she doesn't get bored.
If there's a scheduled play date with my friends' kids yes definitely I will let my child play outdoors because there are plenty of eyes surrounding them so they're all safe.
I try to avoid that but the way children are, you just can not keep them indoors all the time. So, my kids go out no matter how humid and hot it is outside, they have to have their share of outdoor ti
How many times does your child take a bath this summer season?
My toddlers take a bath twice a day but it could be more than that, depende sa activities and if pawisan na talaga ng sobra.
Isa lang sa tanghali bago mag siesta tapos sa gabi punas punas lang para matanggal yung mainit na singaw kahit papaano bago matulog.
She dips in her inflatable pool and after some minutes, I bathe her in our cr.
my 4months baby i shower her almost 3 times in a day kc summer malgkit felling nila
aq every other day parin. pag hnd q xa paliliguan, pinupunasan at hinuhugasan q na lng xa.