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How to train a child not to be clumsy?
step by step like saying careful. tapos showing him how to do things.
By teaching our kids to return everything in its proper place. Being organize in short.
My mom tried enrolling me in ballet! Didn't really work for me but it's worth a try!
What's the first thing you tell a friend who's going to be a mom for the first time?
From the moment you hear your baby’s cry, it’s an unexplainable feeling that you will really cry and all the pains and difficulties of pregnancy are instantly swept away. ❤️❤️❤️
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take care of yourself😘
aside from congratulations, i always advise to never base your parenting from other moms and dont spend beyond your means just to spoil your first time motherhood moment coz expenses will never end on
you'll so great so relax for now and enjoy every moment.
Wag na masyadong magpapagod, magbubuhat ng mabibigat at wag papa-stress para healthy ang baby.
Sino dito ang no vitamins ang mga anak nila pero healthy pa din?
my son only had tiki-tiki and ceelin from baby until toddler pero nung tablet/chewables na, lagi hindi n nya tinatake or minsan nmn ggawin nya candy lol. so i stopped since then, awa ng Diyos hindi po
Anak ko nagvitamin lng nung nag 1 year old na sya.. Ebf din sya.. Awa ng diyos di naman sya sakitin.. Pinag vitamin ko nalang sya kasi mahina sya kumain..
here! exclusively breastfed so no need daw sabi ng pedia.
Sa ngayon, may times na nakakalimutan painumin ng ceelin at cherifer pero sa awa ng Diyos ay hindi namaan kinakapitan ng sakit ang anak ko. I think nakaka tulong na din yung exclusive breasfed sya eve
My eldest no longer takes his vitamins daily. Inaayawan niya na talaga so nasasayang lang mga binili ko. Thank God, he's doing well naman kahit no vitamins kasi nag breastfeed pa din kami until now.
What is one food that you could eat everyday?
Kimchi bsta spicy foods 😂
fruits and overload
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chocolates ..... .....
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Ice cream 🍦🍦🍦
caramel popcorn!
Until what age ba mahilig maghabol sainyo ang mga anak ninyo?
Hanggang 3 lang ang paghahabol kase ang 4 is nag s-school na so abala na sa mga kalaro at kaklase ang mga bata.
More than 1 year old nagstart maghabol babies ko. I guess hanggat toddlers sila maghabol at maghahabol yan.
Kadalasan hanggang 2 years old humahabol. Pero pag palo ng 3 years old, hind na masyado, lalo na kapag may pinagkaka abalahan na syang mga laruan,
My eldest is now 4 and talagang kahit bababa lang ako ng car saglit to buy something, dapat kasama siya. Pati going to the restroom. Perhaps it will take him a few more years to be like this.
Do you bring any protection whenever you leave the house, like teargas and the like?
balisong pen 😉
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no but im alert
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No, pero i stay alert all the time
meron akong stun gun, pepper spray, bawang and rosary. You never what danger may came diba? 😂
i have a foldable knife. haha
How do you discipline your child to wake up early in the morning pag first time pa lang pumasok ng school?
Yes dapat in advance nakaka gising na sya ng maaga hindi pwedeng sa first day of school lang mismo.
If mga 4 na ang anak mo pwede mo na i-train at gisingin ng maaga. At least 1 week before ng pasukan sanayin mo na at gisingin mo na ng maaga.
Is it worth it to enroll my child to a summer class even if he's already enrolling to a regular school in June?
It depends on what type of summer class and how many hours per day. Kung mga sports classes, I think okay lang kasi mag-eenjoy naman sila dun.
Do you believe that when there's no more respect between a couple, automatically there's no more love as well?
I think, it's not totally gone. It's still there. Try to fix things out. Seek marriage counselors if possible.
Sadly I have that dilemma now. Although I can categorically say that I still care about my husband. It's just that because of a lot of unmet expectations my respect for him has diminished and at the s
Technically yes. Respect is also tantamount to love. But then again, if the couple can still work it, do everything first.
Yes. I do believe in this but the other way round. I think if you do not love your partner you start finding faults and mistakes in your partner and that eventually leaves you in a situation where you
Do you agree that there are many couples who still stay in one roof just for the sake of the children?
Well, yes. I know several couples who are in the same situation. They try to act as civil as they could for the sake of the children.
Yes. I have many friends and co-workers who have the same set up. Ang iniisip na lang nila is para buo ung family for the sake of the kids. It is a big sacrifice for them because there is no more love
Yes, I think dahil din dini-dictate ng society. Although I personally believe na walang mabuting maidudulot yun kung palagi din nag aaway. it's best na maging civil nalang sa isa't isa
Yep madami pa din ganyan. I know someone. Pero super foul kapag may new lover na kung sino man sa parehong partido tapos bibisita sa bahay. That's BS.
It's tough I guess and awkward at the same time para sa mag-asawa. But yes, for the love of the kids you have to stay civil and do whatever it takes.