should i demand a marriage to the father of my kids? we have 5 yr old son and 1 yr old daughter. we're living together since i got pregnant for my first child. but we never had a chance to talk about getting married. and i dont what to ask him too. because i dont want him to think that im forcing him. i want him to initiate on that.

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I think there is no harm to bring it up since I assume there will not be any major change to your current arrangement. Perhaps he just didn't see a need or thought you wanted to go through the paper works. I, too, think that it will be better for your children since they will likely be asking questions (or asked by their peers). Still, it is a decision between you and your partner. At the end of the day, it is your commitment to each other that really matters. Getting married legally is just so you have papers to show for. Do whichever that works best for you. Have a chat with him. :)

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You should float the idea up to him. Since you're already a family, why not seal it in matrimony? It will be so much better in terms of so many aspects, legally, administratively, emotionally etc for the children in the long run. Gently introduce the idea to him? Maybe he wants the same things too but like you, doesn't know how to approach it.

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I think it is time to talk about marriage since your eldest is already 5yo. It is definitely better to get it done for the sake of your kids. Just my two cents. :)

It would be nice to get married if you actually want to spend your whole life with him. So think about what you want and discuss it with him.

Yes. Kung ok samahan nyo if not, wag nalang besides you can still demand support since nakapangalan naman sa father mga anak mo.

Yes, it's a good idea to get married especially with your kids

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You should definitely discuss this with him.

Its good to be officially married