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should i demand a marriage to the father of my kids? we have 5 yr old son and 1 yr old daughter. we're living together since i got pregnant for my first child. but we never had a chance to talk about
It would be nice to get married if you actually want to spend your whole life with him. So think about what you want and discuss it with him.
Yes. Kung ok samahan nyo if not, wag nalang besides you can still demand support since nakapangalan naman sa father mga anak mo.
Its good to be officially married
Yes, it's a good idea to get married especially with your kids
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You should definitely discuss this with him.
i have a 5 year old son. yesterday, he and his 3rd cousin is playing. (i let them because i was busy breasfeeding my 1 yr old daughter). at first they were just coloring and drawing. then suddenly i h
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Dapat maturuan kagad yan ng tamang asal habang bata palang, nakikita yan ng bata sa nakapaligid sknya
What did your son said to you then? You have to know the details on who insisted. Don't take this personal but we really dont know? Knowing that you are kissing your son's pototoy he might just insist
One study theorized that this is a stage among children (children tend to compare their sexual organs etc.) But what you witnessed is beyond normal. He must have seen it somewhere (because kids do not
Talk to the parents of your nephew. If they feel they don't have plans of teaching their child what is wrong and not, better let your son avoid your nephew first.