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I have known my guy my 20yrs 5 yrs years of steady going 2 yrs into our marriage,(total 27 yrs lost contact for nearly 20 yrs )since parktor until married he keep removing his ring , parktor time more than 5 times after marriage 3 times, keep say I forced him to marry me because I am pregnant. Keeping say wanted to find lawyer and divorce me cos I nvr do house chores. He is the want that not happy with my way of cleaning. What ever I do he oso not happy. Because of him I have to quit my job and take care of my daughter. He have not been working since last year before cny. He didn't even pay of my gayne . We didn't stay together until my daughter is born. Worse is that he say that I can't ask him for money. I left with no money. That time when I work I still need to him money and I also need to give my mother her monthly allowance. And whenever we qurrerl my mother in law will step in and say is all my fault, her son is correct. She will follow us when ever we go out. My husband also dun allow me to hold his hand or hug him or sleep together because his mother (my mother in law) dun allow. I wonder what shall I do. Thanks for taking the time to read.

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Do you think he loves you and your daughter? Do you love him? Do you think both you and your daughter are happy now and in future? The answers will lead you to what you should do. Take care.

1y ago

since he keep saying want divorce I dun feel and thing anymore


how old are you now? I'm sorry to say that your hub is such a mummy boy. he has to learn to grow up. stop relying and listen to mummy only. it will only make your life miserable

1y ago

going 40