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For the past few months, my world is a living hell. I found out that my husband had been cheating my money (claimed to be paying off his huge gambling debts outside, I actually helped him to pay close to 70k). But actually he is spending on drugs/girls/gambling/feeding his worldly lifestyle. I have given him many chances to change before. He is currently in rehab now and I have given up on him but I’m not ready to be a single parent based on financial and mentally. I have 2 young kids and is still paying off our debts for renovation loan. Do you think I should divorce and go for shared custody (his family will only help out if it’s shared custody) or I should stay in the marriage for the kids but lead a separate life with him?

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Why stay in marriage for kids sake? Why expose your kids further to be raised in such an environment? Being a single Mother is not easy but this is your life and you can make a success of it. Would you rather be mentally and emotionally tortured staying in a sham marriage? Would you rather show your kids this is what marriage is all about? Would you risk your kids to be exposed and stay in N infected room? Then why expose them To an infected marriage? The choice is yours

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Agree with many of them. You wouldn’t want kids to grow up knowing about drugs. Get the custody. Not easy to be single mom and I’m sure Govt has a lot of support for single moms bcos my sis was one of the single moms. Now she found a Husband who is so much capable that the pervious jerk and accepted who she is.

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Hi... I would suggest that you file for divorce and seek main custody. You don’t want your children to grow up ‘close’ to drugs, gambling etc... According to SG laws, your hubby has to pay for child maintenance. If you need detailed advice, please consult a lawyer.

So sorry to hear that this is happening to you. It might be good to seek professional advise through counselling. Firstly if you still like to salvage the relationship and secondly the legal measure on how you retrieve your money back fom him

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Have one last talk with your husband. You should not let this continue as it not only affect your physical n mental health but also that of your kids. You children are your priority now, good luck!

U must ask urself what u want. I don't see a reason u shld stay but u must think carefully.

It's up to you as soon as possible to seek help to save him (

Lead a separate life.