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My Hb left our matrimonial home in March 2016. And I'm "living" as per normal with my 2 boys. It's been this way since then..already 2 years plus, until recently he texted me and asked to chat amicably regarding our situation. After remaining status quo for so long, he finally decide he wants a divorce. I expected this outcome long ago, but it somehow still hurts. I said I will agree to the divorce if he can fulfill my divorce conditions. 1) Joint custody of 2 children but Care and Control to be given to me 2) Ownership of our current flat, that means I am asking him to transfer all his share in the flat to me, with 0% refund CPF. We exchanged a few more messages, and in the end he said to continue remain "like that"(he live his life and I with my boys) since he cannot agree to my 2nd condition. He insisted on taking back his CPF that was used to pay for the flat. Fyi, we have been married for almost 14 years. My reason for the 2nd condition is because I do not have so much $ in my CPF to buy over his share and I would need to take bank loan to pay the remaining sum of money for the flat. He wants a divorce and I need a roof for my boys and me. Can anyone advise me what is the next step I should take? What can I do now to better safeguard my boys' and my interests? Appreciate any advice or suggestions. Thank you.

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Hi. I can imagine how difficult this situation would be. I believe that your kids would already have an idea about what is coming next. As far as proceeding with the divorce, please talk to a good lawyer. There might be a way you can solve this in a better manner with legal help. Stay strong mummy.

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