How to communicate with husband?

Is it wrong to want to go out together as a family on weekends? My husband work in F&B so it’s difficult for him to have off days or AL on weekend but since he isn’t working this weekend I suggested to go out. But all he wanna does is just to stay at home and play his phone games and sleep. I mean on his usual off days he can do that I don’t care because I work on weekdays and have my rest days on weekends. But why can’t he appreciate the 2 days that we have tgt? We can go outside and create memories for our family and take photos. But he cannot seem to understand this simple point. He thinks is tiring to keep running after our son. Why can’t he even do that as a parent? Why do people not appreciate their father enough but when he’s a father himself, he should know what a child wants from a father? We only have family outing like once a month? Is it too much to ask of him? Is it that unreasonable? I’m not even asking him to spend hundreds or thousands of money. Just simple swimming, cycling, picnic, hiking. He even say I can just go and do it alone with my son without him. What’s the point?

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Super Mum

Hi dear. I hear you and i totally understand where you are coming from. There must be a reason why he is like that. Try to find out and speak to him about what you are feeling and try to understand his reasons. If this happen too often, seek advice from counsellors.

i think maybe working in the f&b is not easy and probably stressed, me time would probably be what he needs. maybe can organise something at home, eg. having a picnic, watching movie together or some crafts?