Ear wax

Need recommendation to clear baby's ear wax

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I disagree with oil IN baby's ear. At most, put baby oil on the cotton bud but not directly into the ear itself. The inner ear is self cleaning, no need to dig so far in as you may end up injuring baby. If you find it is becoming an issue, bring it up at your next pediatrician's visit and get her ears checked and professional advice from the doctor.

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Baby's ears are self cleaning, best to not poke anything inside at all since that'd risk hurting or infecting their ears. You can just clean the outside with a cloth

Hey, Please use cotton bud but please out oil in baby's ear first so that the wax is moist and hence will be easier to remove

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cotton bud, but put oil in baby ear first so easier

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Use babies cotton bud, the tip is smaller

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Just clean the outside, cotton buds


I use baby cotton bud to clean.

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Cotton bud with some olive oil

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I just use cotton bud

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No need clean