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online shopping
what do mummies mostly buy/find in online shopping?
I mostly buy diaper, wet wipes, clothings etc.
Diapers and wet wipes
mostly everything bc no energy to go out and walk walk too long hahaha
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dry skin
what do mummies use for dry skin?
Cetaphil. Both the face wash and lotion. Moisturiser too.
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I try to mask, easiest way !
how to make my baby grow bigger inside my womb??
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try eat durian
Try avocado!
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Eat durian. But before u do that, pls check with gynae to confirm. Cos it might also cause GD.
Eat more
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U can take maternal milk to increase nutrients intake for your baby to grow bigger.
what kind of job???
any mummies work from home?
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Try telemarketing or data entry jobs...
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Follow, i am interested to know too
does lauging gas works when you give birth naturally? like, does it feel less pain?
I only took gas halfway through my labour. Before that I did deep breathing until the contractions starts to be unbearable. Laughing gas made me sleepy, and a bit dizzy. Like you're in a blur and don'
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No didnt work for me and by the time i couldn't take the pain and asked for epidural, it was too late😅
Not working for me😅
I only took laughing gas but as I didn inhale properly ie have to take very deep breath when you put the mask to your face 😂, i didn get to feel the effect. So if you take laughing gas make sure you
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To me is of no use.
isit normal to feel heartburn like most of the time when pregnant?
Yes common. Lemon help me! I drank 1-2 table spoon of lemon juice
Yes, especially towards the end of the pregnancy. Good to eat less but more times. Also, drink more liquids and sit upright after a meal for 20-30minuted. Will help a lot.
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Yes. Worst during the 3rd trimester.
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Yes, especially during 3rd trimester.
went to appt today and i have mild thalassemia, dk its from me or my husband. but i dont rlly understand what is thalessemia as im not good w understanding the meaning. but i wanna ask, is it normal a
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It's normal, do consult your gynae if you have any doubts or concerns
Thalassemia is an inherited blood disorder. My husband has it too but it didn't really bother us.
baby kick!
when do mummies feel the baby kick if its not your first pregnancy?
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As early as 13 weeks(:
any mummies have weird cravings when pregnant? hahahah
Meeee I always crave for fruits but must hv the Assam powder ! Hahaha
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Donuts! Haha fish head Curry! Not the assam one. Lontong
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not at all
Yes! And my cravings are not limited to food! I once cried because I wanted to go to Changi Jewel so badly 🤣
Appetite as per normal, nothing special
gestational diabetes
why do some mummies have gestational diabetes? my first pregnancy i do have it but my second, i havent know the results yet. hopefully i wont get it!
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I’m not sure why it happens exactly, but somehow, with the baby growing inside you, your body cannot break down the sugar that you take in well/fast enough, causing the diabetes. A small group of peop
It's quite common for pregnancy. Most importantly you must eat everything in moderation from the beginning when you know you are pregnant. Cut down on your sugar & carbo (especially 1 week before you