From my understanding is we should not dig baby's ears for ear wax. Then how old is your child when you start clearing the ear wax using the ear stick?

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My niece was three years old when my mom started digging and by then the ear was so congested and there was large pieces of wax inside!! PD always advise us not to dig on our down. For my gal who is 9mo she already has a big wax in right ear and it is making her feel Itchy. PD gave an ear drop which may soften the ear wax and cause bits and pieces of it to flow out naturally.

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When my 2yr old boy was admitted to kkh, dr did a full check up on him.. ear probes and all.. and she commented "eee ur ear so dirty la boy". I simply said "Try cleaning a 2yr old boy's ear. See if its possible or not". *roll eyes*

Using ear buds is never safe to use, both for children and adults. Ear wax is not something that actually needs to be cleared out.

Okie. I will go get the ear drop and try. Thankz