3 months ear wax

My LO's ear seems to be blocked by ear wax. She keeps rubbing her ear as it seems like it's itchy for her. How do we help to clear LO ear?

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perhaps you may want to bring your LO to see a doctor? mine was given some olive oil to drop in his ears twice a day, to soften to ear wax. doctor says once soften, the wax will fall out by itself.

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My baby also like that..rubbing her ear until red but i let it until it drops cause can’t clean inside the ear..i just clean use cotton bud and lotion/baby oil for outside

Pls do not use cotton bud to clean if it's blocked. Your LO might get ear infection if you do that. Better see a dr and they will give you some olive oil to soften the wax.

My pd gave olive oil to soften the ear wax, it’ll eventually fall out

ABIT of olive oil to soften the ear wax and it will drop


during our visit to kkh ent, it wasnt recommended


use baby's cotton bud to clean it.

Give a drop or two of olive oil

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Better to consult pd first