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My 6 year old boy is afraid of cleaning his ear. What should i do? I can see ear wax from his ears. He will just run away when i told him im going to clean his ear wax. Any advise please?

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Using a cotton swab would be the easiest, however try to distract him with toys, TV, or a conversation when u try to clean his ears. That might do the trick

Just get ear wax drops from the pharmacy And u don’t need to clean then because the drops will soften then wax. Very safe. Better than forcing to clean.

I try to clean just the outside of my son's ears. any deeper I'll bring him to his PD... won't try it incase I push the wax deeper in

From an ent I talked before our ears have mechanism to spit out the dirt automatically so no need to clean it with anything

you can clean it while he is asleep. there's a ear pick with led light which you can buy from kiddy palace.

Try olive oil ear drops ? They will soften the ear wax and help it to ooze out naturally.

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do it while he is sleeping. or use oil to soften and it will come off easily


doctors will advise not to clean on our own