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Potty training
When to start potty training?
started mine from N2
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In preschool. They start teaching since n1 and n2
tips to earning points easily?
Since polls earn 1 point instead of 2 and becomes limited, earning points seem difficult and slower. ANY TIPS?
Answer more polls and questions.
Haha. Great question. Even I used to just go and do all the polls to earn my 30 points every day. Easiest way / Invite friends is 10 points! Share photos - can always share the motivational type q
Needs double the effort now! But I guess there’s not much we can do
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log in everyday, answer or ask question
Ask or ans quest
Best way to name uniform for preschool?
Sew? Stamp? Write?
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I sew. So at least if I want to pass down, just remove the stitch
Quick dinner recommendations for 19 mth
What do you feed your 19mth old for dinner? Working mum with playgroup-going kid here.
When my kid is at that age I usually gave her either soup with rice or noodles with soup, added either fish or minced pork/chicken + vegetables. I’m a SAHM but at times when I need to be out for a who
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I feed her what I eat as long as not spicy
Toys for girl at 19 mth
Any recommendations for toys for my girl who is 19 month old?
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Maybe puzzle?
Teething rashes
Baby seems to have teething rashes on neck area. Any recommendations on what to apply?
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Apply cool aloe Vera gel on areas with rashes
Biting baby
My LO is 16 months. She suddenly starts to enjoy biting me, just me. Tried to be firm, hit her back, scolded her but useless. Any advice?
Maybe can try rubb lemon to the place where she always bites?
U bite her back softly to let her feel that a pain is there. Baby skin is delicated so even soft bite she will feel the pain.