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Baby Food
Anyone tried Lilo Ikan Bilis powder? How's the taste?
Nope never try before
Super Mum
No try
Hi Mummies! Do you breastfeed in public places? Restaurant, mall, parks? With or without cover?
Super Mum
I do it in public w cover
I have done it in public places with a cover
Not comfortable
I would prefer nursing room (:
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Yes, I’m public places and w/o cover
Baby Snacks
What snacks do you give your 1 year old babies?
Super Mum
No snacks
Sunscreen for Babies
Do you put sunscreen to your kids everyday when going out for walk? What brand you use? Thanks!
VIP Member
VIP Member
Nope I don’t.
Any good sunscreen recommendation for 1 year old? Thank you!
Baby Food
Have you tried Lilo Ikan Bilis or Wen's Whitebait powder? How's the taste? Which one do you prefer? TIA!
Super Mum
What's the age of ur child ? I prefer not to use these if they are too young. If after 2yrs may be better as theybare salty
Postpartum Hair Loss
Hi Mums! When did your pp hair loss stop? Thank you in advance!
It took almost a year for hair loss to stop for me
Super Mum
Cut it short