At what age can we help to dig our LO's ear wax?

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PD advise me not to dig ear wax out on our own because it will make the wax go further in. My gal only 9mo but has a big ear wax in right ear and she is always pulling her ears. PD gave me an ear drop and she said the ear wax may flow out on its own but maybe alittle bit not all. Since she is so young she can't do anything f to get it out for her. But for older kids PD can use flushing out method to flush the ear wax out. That said my mom has helped my niece dig out ear wax with those traditional wooden stick with a hook at the end and she was about 3 years old. Oh gosh the wax is really big, I dunno how her hearing can be normal with such a big piece inside lol. How old is your kid?

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7y ago

2yo..I had v bad experience when I was young due to not digging ear wax and the doctor used a kind of tool to dig and remove..was so painful hence I scare my girl will undergo the same thing and wonder when shd I start to clean her ear wax

I would not recommend you digging the ear wax. It will come out on its own and just clean the ones that you can see visibly. Also, I know that there are cases when the ear wax has hardened, if this is the case watch out for the symptoms like ear ache when ears get wet. You might want to visit an eent for this. But I would not recommend you doing this by yourself.

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U don't really need to dig ear wax it's good to have some inside as a protective function. Ear wax will auto come out of the ear. Unless it's blocking hearing for that u should go to a PD. Don't attempt to do it urself

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U dont hv to dig out. Leave it alone and it will come out itself. U dig, infection may occur.

No need to clear ear wax. Ear wax will come out itself.