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Mummies, do you take parenting advice from your friends who aren't parents? My friends always offer advice, but it borders on being critical. Would you take them seriously?

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Nope. Hahaha, only parents to parents understand. Before I became a parent, I don't even know how it's like... I only heard of it. I have a friend who always gave me advice on this and that but she doesn't have a kid of her own... and she act like she knows everything

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Maybe they are active readers. No harm to take note but also do your own research. If you experience the opposite, then you can educate them 😊

Nope because they don’t have kids so they don’t have an opinion!

Nope, only hear from parents since they went through with us haha

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Sorry nope unless they are quoting from some website (:

No... 😂 But friends were say heard from others


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