Announcing pregnancy to friends

Hi guys! Did you announce your pregnancy to all your friends, including not so close ones? For me, I’m in my second tri and told a few close friends in person, but haven’t told not-so-close friends who I’ve not met since start of pregnancy. Is it strange to only announce to them after delivery or a few weeks before?

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Im at my third trimester and i didnt post anything on my social media. Hahaha i feel like it’s best to keep my pregnancy private and intimate. Will be sharing my pregnancy once baby is out. 🤣😋 however my close friends definitely know that im preggers! 🥰 and they wish me well, check on me once in a while and it’s great not getting too much attention and unnecessary advices. I love it this way. ☺️

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Hi! Same here, 2nd tri, first time mom, and only told a few close friends in person. I feel, if the not-so-close friends happen to chat up with me, whether in person or via whatsapp/IG, I would mention my pregnancy. But I wouldn't specially make the effort to text them about it or arrange a meet-up to announce about it. i have not yet revealed on social media at all. haha.

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I only informed my bffs at 4 months via whatsapp cz it was during the CB. I actually posted on IG at 7th month cz I wanted to get the free bump bag frm Clearblue 😅 If not for tt, I wldn't have posted till baby is born.

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There’s no right or wrong, and you are not obliged to tell anyone that you are not comfortable with. In fact, I only tell my family, close friends and my boss. As for the rest, I wait for them to notice . 🤣

i only inform my close fren after 5months and those not close if we happen to saw each other then there is a topics i guess. think they will understand if no we cant do anything.

Nope! Not strange. Just do whatever that is most comfortable to you

Yes i announced it to my BFF and boss when I am at my 1st trimester

Only after some time