What was the best parenting advice you got from your own parents?

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"No money can buy the time for your children." And after having kids, I realised - how true this is. I missed my son's year end Speech & Drama performance (when he was 5, now 7yo) once due to an emergency meeting with a client. My husband was there though so I thought it was not such a big deal. I tried making up to him by buying him his favourite toy - basically anything he wants that weekend. But he won't talk to me until a week later! First thing he said to me during breakfast was "You know Mom, you're always so busy. You said nothing is more important than me but why didn't you come?" I felt terrible! I cried and cried. I told myself this is something I'll never repeat. Soon after, I got pregnant with my number 2. After deciding long and hard... I quit my job for my two precious angels! No regrets! ;)

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5y ago

i left mine too with my baby. she is now 4 1/2 months old. i am so very happy at my decision. nothing is more precious than my baby. can't take my eyes off her for a sec, doing a job would have been surely impossible. i appreciate your decision. good luck

My dad once told me when I was beating myself up over some unintentional mistake. He said everyone makes mistakes, no one escapes from mistake. But learn from it and move on from there. To let go of the issue. It sound cliche to others but at that very situation it really enlightened me coz I was really upset with myself and Asian tends to get reprimanded for mistake but at that moment was my first encounter from dad that I wasn't reprimanded for but he set it as a learning point to me.

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My mom always says, "Love your kids equally" which I initially found ironic because me and my elder brother know that she has a favourite -- my younger brother. But as we grew older, we realise that she does love all of us equally but in different ways. For me, it was a little more strict because I was the only girl, for my elder brother who was rebellious, she practised tough love and for my younger brother, because of his age, she paid more attention to, which we saw as more love.

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"Let go and don't be too harsh on yourself." At times I am quite perfectionist in child upbringing and make myself very stressful. My mother advises me to let go abit, as long as child grows up healthily we should be contented.

Always be positive at any sitn. Don think negative about anyone. They 'll be right at their own point. Maybe our point, it 'll be wrong. But if v think in their angle. V can understand them.

To love my kids unconditionally. They will grow up and commit mistakes, hurt our feelings, but at the end of the day, they are still our kids. No one can change that.

My dad told me to always be there even for the littlest thing - it might not happen again and even if it does, it's never going to be the same the 2nd time around.

If i dont love and give my all to my kids. Who would. With that it has helped me brave through my darkest moments. Many times with a hugh sigh as well.

I treasured the time that my mum took care of me and my siblings full time.. That motivates me to be a full time mum too with no regrets..

Patience is a virtue and half the battle won -- especially for working moms.