When it comes to problems regarding your partner, would you take someone else's advice (advice from family, friends, marriage counsellor) or would rather stick to your instincts and do what you think is the right thing to do?!

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Combination of both! Depends on what are the issues at hand. Someone else's advice is good because helps u make a level-headed decision and help U see more but frankly I don't think family and friends are suitable at all (either they are inclined to favor either party or to make/break the couple). I think the most suitable is a marriage counselor as they can give the most objective help and give useful suggestions as they are experienced in helping couples through hurdles. Ur instincts will often fool u - unless we are talking about smelling something fishy about ur husband - as in it's not an open issue yet. If issue is identified already, a counselor is best. Hopefully u can get good and extensive help to ur marriage and life

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Hi, Initially, because I would also be new to the whole situation, I will first talk to my best friend whoever it be (be my mother, father, sister, school time friend, etc.) and discuss with him/her. I would not shy away from seeing a counsellor if I find that I am not getting the right solution for the problem or still be in dilemma or confused about the whole thing. And if the problem regarding my partner is something that I feel that can be manageable at my end, then I would handle it on my own. I have no hang ups and I leave all the doors open and use one depending on the gravity of the situation.

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Actually i think there is no really a right way to do it. If the problem is not a big issue or a simple problem,u should trust ur instinct n do what u have to do.Its really up to individual. Sometimes the answer to our problems are right in front of us but we cant really see it. Thats when we have to ask a third party for help. Dont have to ask someone you know,posting in this kind of forum helps too. Then u have to decide yourself which solution is the best.

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I will hear what others say, friends, familes, counsellors etc. But i will use my own head with my own judgement to balance it out. Hearing is one thing, end of the day we know our situation best. No one else will know. Especially in a marriage.

I will trust myself and my partner, and bring the best forward. There might be a few friends that might give honest advice. But i feel a lot of people give advice based on what encounter or hear, it may be biased.

I will seek others opinions but finally I'm the one making the decision ... listening to others can sometimes let us see from a 3rd Parti view as we might be blinded since we are the party involved