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Hello Mummies, my 1.5 months LO had been sleeping on her tummy since last week. Initially i thought she had issue sleeping alone, but realised she doesnt like to sleep on her back. Its like a 1 hour vs 3.5 hours sleep.. Elderly says it's okay to sleep on her tummy. But i read online that its not recommended. Can mummies pls advise if your LO is the same, or anything can i do?!

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It’s strongly advised that your LO doesn’t sleep on the tummy. It’s one of the major causes of sudden infant death syndrome. I totally feel you about the difference in sleep durations. My LO had major issues with sleeping on her back too. But I just kept training her, and now she can do up to 4 hours on her back (it used to be 15 minutes 😭). So I hope you’ll consider sticking to placing baby on her back for her safety ❤️

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As for me , my son loves sleeping on his tummy since birth , also i will elevate his pillow abit higher as if hes sleeping on my chest.. and till now 3yrsold he still prefers to sleep that way.. 😏 and the important part is that i never leave my son when he sleep during the early years..

Same. My LO also sleeps far longer if she's put on her tummy. At night she can sleep fine on her back though it's mainly daytime she can't nap long usually less than an hr. So sometimes if I hv to I will let her nap on her tummy but only daytime in living room where we can watch over her.

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My baby likes to sleep on her tummy ever since she can roll over. I have tried shifting her but she kept rolling over. She will sleep for longer stretches but I will have to keep checking her. Ensure that there is no pillow, bedsheet or toys blocking her nose.

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Mine too! I guess they probably feel more secure like that? I kept checking on the breathing just to play safe though.

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Same! I did the exact same thing🤭

Not recommended to slp on back. It could cause breathing issue

Only if there’s someone around to keep watch.

Sleep while u aroubd