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Hi mummies! I'd like to ask if any of you mummies let your babies sleep on their tummy? My 2 month old prefers sleeping on her tummy in her crib and she sleeps more comfortably as compared to on her back and being swaddled. I'm worried she might not breath well or lies face flat down thus I always stay up when she's asleep just to ensure she's breathing. My elder son didn't use to sleep on his tummy so I don't know if this is okay. Her neck is pretty strong and she does tummy time eversince day 1. She's able to roll over as well so I don't keep her swaddled anymore. Can I continue letting her sleep in this position? Tried changing her position to lie flat on her back but she always cries 😅 what should I do?

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Have tried sleeping side ways instead of tummy time position? Ill not let baby sleep on tummy time position like uve mentioned to avoid any suffocation.

she slept sideways but will turn to be on tummy 🤦🏻‍♀️