Does any of your babies sleep on their tummy through put the night? My girl is 5 months and 3 weeks and for the past few days she insists on sleeping on her tummy. From sleeping sideways she has now changed to sleeping on her tummy. Do any of you face the same problem? I am just wondering if its safe for them to sleep on their tummy through out the night.

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My lil one officially sleep on her tummy when she is 3½ mth. When she first started to turn on her back at night , I'll always turn her over if not I'll keep wake up and check on her. I think its best when you're confident knowing your lil one is strong enough to roll back or front, only you know your lil one best, trust your instinct. Nw my lil one is 8mth 2wks, she seldom sleep on her back because when I put her to sleep on her back she will cry until I turn her over🤦🏻‍♀️. Most likely she is more comfortable sleeping on her tummy. This is my experience with my lil one. See which position makes your lil one most comfy.

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If she has learnt how to roll over already, it shouldn't be a problem. Of course, the standard and safest position is for them to be on their backs while sleeping. The risk of sleeping in any other position is because it is feared that they are unable to roll back and eventually suffocate.

Hey! At this age, it would be recommended for babies to sleep on their back, even though they would be waking up frequently. This helps them to breathe well. Babies need to be strong enough to roll on their back and stomach for which, you may wait for few more months!

Usually about 6 months it's relatively safe for them to sleep on tummies. As long as they have mastered neck control and are able to lift their heads up when tummy down it should be ok. My baby has been sleeping tummy down too! Currently she is 6 months old.

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Its ok if they sleep on her tummy, my toddler did that too when his 5months. But not always, because it’s can cause suffocating. So you need to change her sleeping habits otherwise it can be dangerous for her.

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Baby sleeping on stomach equals baby breathing in less air, so its best to make them sleep on there back