Baby keeps flipping on to her tummy at night

My baby is about 5 months old. She can flip from her back to her front but not the other way yet. She always goes to sleep on her back but in the middle of the night she will always flip and sleep on her tummy quietly and would sleep like that for hours. If I do wake up and check on her, I’d flip her back on her back but she always flips onto her tummy to sleep. I think she’s more comfortable that way. I read that it’s not good for baby to sleep on their tummies until they know how to flip back on to their backs by themselves. In such situations what should I do? Should I just let her sleep on her tummy at night? I can’t be awake the whole night to keep on flipping her.

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my 4mos baby is also the same. but I make sure she sleeps on her tummy for up to 1hr only then I slowly move her body to sleep sideways while gently tapping her. it works! my worry is she will get neck pain if I leave her in that position for a long time.

they feel safe slpin on her tummy... but u hv to chk on her time to time to make sure her head is on side so she can breathe..but do slowly move her to slp sideways guard with a pilow on her tummy...

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we just kept checking on our girl when she started to flip over and sleep on her tummy. just make sure there's no pillow or other stuff around


i actually let my babies sleep on their tummies & check on them as much as possible.