Sleeping On Tummy At 20 Weeks Old

My girl will ocassionally flip to her stomach and sleep on her tummy. As I'm aware of SIDS, but she seems to sleep much better on her tummy and deeper in sleep which is great for her brain development. And if I flip her over, she'll wake up and fidget alot and not sleeping peacefully. Should I continue to let her sleep on her tummy if that's the case?

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Mine did too. We kept her bed bare, and monitored her like a hawk initially. When we saw that she consistently gave her nose space to breathe and was able to turn back or push herself up, we relaxed a bit:) she’s now 9m+ and still loves sleeping on her tummy. Sometimes with her bum up in the air 😂😂

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Same for my baby. I was worried at first so I would check on her frequently when she is sleeping on her tummy. Now that she is older, she will flip back on her own.

Try using sleep suit? My girl also sleeps better on tummy, but she sleeps ok in sleep suit without flippin over

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As long as baby neck is strong enough to lift up...its quite safe. Dont put any pillows around...


It's ok mine sleeps on tummy too

Have to check on her frequently